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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All Appears Quiet on the "Metstern" Front

OK, so this title is a bit corny, but it certainly rings true as the Mets approach the half-way point of the offseason. Spring training is a little over 1.5 months away, and it appears the Mets still have much to do to gear up for the season.

That is of course unless the organization is content with the pieces they have. No offense to Sandy Alderson, but he should be spending more time exploring ways to help the team than making lame season ticket advertisement videos. No one will be buying season tickets anyway if the team looks like it does now.

As David Wright said at last week’s Holiday party, the Mets still have good players. Barring any major health issues, this is definitely true. Johan Santana is already on the shelf though so the Mets cannot incur anymore injuries.

Part of me likes Alderson’s thinking. Why break the bank for free agent starting pitching that has a history of injury and only sign them for one year? Why not wait until you have some money to work with next year and either bring in someone who can help in the long-term or see if your prospects have developed at the major league level?

We already know Ike Davis and Josh Thole will be given every opportunity to succeed at the highest level. Terry Collins already said that he expects Jenrry Mejia to contribute at some point this season. As of now at least, Lucas Duda and Nick Evans appear to be front-runners for bench spots, but I’d rather see them (especially Duda) play everyday in AAA.

We know Ruben Tejada will start in the minors as well. Dillon Gee is penciled into the fourth spot of the Mets rotation so even he will be asked to elevate his game.

The Rule 5 picks (Brad Emaus and Pedro Beato) may also be thrown into major league duty this year.

So if Alderson is content with allowing these young players to develop on the highest stage in hopes of a better future, I agree with him. That being said, if the Mets somehow find themselves competing for a divisional or wild card berth when Santana returns, I would like to see the team acquire a piece or two near the trade deadline to make that final push.

Mets teams with less talent than this one have done quite well, so there’s no reason for fans to be giving up hope in late December.

Originally featured at Mets Merized Online.

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