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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wally thinks he got snubbed

Wally Backman tells John Harper of the New York Daily News that he can’t believe he didn’t get the job.

“I really thought I won them over,” Backman said by phone Friday from his home in Oregon. “I came out of each interview thinking it had gone better than the one with the Diamondbacks when I got the job there (in 2004).
“I knew what was being said (in the media), that the other guys were the favorites, but I kept looking at it, thinking I could make them see that I was the best guy for the job. I guess I didn’t convince them.”
I wouldn’t expect much less from Backman, or any other managerial candidate, for that matter. What is he supposed to say? “Yeah, Terry Collins was obviously a better candidate than me. I was just happy to be considered.”

The interesting part, though, is that Backman downplays all the talk about previous managerial experience.
“I didn’t think experience should have been a factor,” Backman said. “Managing a game is managing a game, and I don’t think it’s different dealing with players whether it’s the majors or the minors.”
Well Collins got the job and it was Sandy Alderson's decision. Whether it was a good one or a bad one remains to be seen. I know it was in most Mets fans opinions (like mine) that Backman should of been the next manager. Hiring Collins was a business deal ,  not only does Sandy get a field general, but he gets a ex-field coordinator that knows the next and coming stars...If you were in Alderson's shoe , you would want to know someone who has seen the minor league from the inside out. You want to figure out who is a keeper, a sleeper, and a stinker.. The only two things Backman did not have were Major League experience and the knowledge of the whole farm system.. Hopefully Backman will get his turn in Orange and Blue...

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