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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wally is still my choice to be next manager

The New York Mets are still in the hunt for a new manager. Out of the finalist, everyone has Collins the favorite, followed by Melvin , who is regarded highly.

I do not want to see the Mets hire Terry Collins. The Mets points to hire Collins is that he does have Major league experience. Also by being a minor league coordinator last year, he did get to know the minor leagues and might make him a viable part in rebuilding the Mets.

The problem I don't like about Collins is I don't think he is a New York sort of guy. He really seems like a guy who could run a Major League team in the southern part of the country , then New York. No real Mets fan want to see him on the hot seat.

Of course, winning would change my opinion of the man, but that remains to be seen.
He only has a career record of 444-434.

Bob Melvin seems to be laid back, intelligent kind of guy. In 2007, he was the National League Manager of the Year when he led the Arizona Diamondbacks to a division title. He worked for the Mets' organization last season as a pro scout. He is regarded as a calm, analytical thinker ( which seems to fit with the new front office). He would have to be my second choice.

Chip Hale has been compared to other managers like Gardenhire, but it looks like he might not be ready to take the dive to manager because he has no MLB managerial experience. He impressed the organization with work ethic and professionalism last year in his first season. He was a successful minor league manager who was named Class AAA manager of the year in his final season before heading to the majors. The one thing about

Hale is he does have relationships with players that he built last year. He probably will stay with the organization in some other coaching capacity on this team. Maybe bench coach? That is if one of the Major League experience managers (Collins/Melvin) get hired.

Wally Backman who has managed and won at every level in the minors, gets no respect(especially in the media). He is clearly the Mets fans favorite and from a business stand point, he would put fannies in the seats.
If I were in the Mets hierarchy, I would not give Wally a passing right now...Wally missed his shot in Arizona and I really believe they hired him as manager because they believed in him. I understand that he has done wrongdoing in the past or allegedly....I understand that Backman does not have Major League experience, but someone has to start somewhere to get experience. What he does bring in is grit and his fighter mentality for all the Mets Fans who go to battle every night. He is a good baseball man and a Mets player who has had success in New York.

Backman is well regarded by many of his old players and peers. I am sure many fans would be intrigued to see how he would handle a guy like Carlos Beltran or Jose Reyes. I think if the Mets were to hire Wally, he can motivate these players and get the best out of them.

Hey look at Rex Ryan's success with the Jets, he had no NFL coaching experience and he does things a little differently with New York/New Jersey media.. He makes it look fun and keeps the media, fans on the seams of their pants. I also give the Davey Johnson comparison all the time, where he had no Major league experience and He won a championship and became the winning-est manager in Mets history..

So the Mets can go in many directions. They can go experience high, character low or character high , experience low. The analytical part might weigh in more than we think.

But my choice is still Wally.. I will take his antics, and his coaching abilities with his winning attitude. It does not hurt that he was a Met.

Isn't funny that the man who might get the job (Melvin) also succeeded Backman when he was fired as the Diamondbacks manager.

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