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Monday, November 22, 2010

Questions About Collins

Tomorrow the Mets will announce Terry Collins as their new Manager. There had been a lot of back and forth speculation with sources over the past few weeks. Reports seemed to waver between having Bob Melvin and Collins as the favorites to land the position. Now that we know it is Collins, this whole process has left me with two big questions that I hope I can learn the answers to in tomorrows introductory press conference and interviews with Collins, and with GM Sandy Alderson. My first question, which leaves me with a guarded sense of optimism, is: Why did the Mets bypass the safe choice and go for someone like Collins? Bob Melvin just seemed so intuitive . From what I can gather, his personality and philosophy make him tailor made to manage for a GM such as Alderson. Collins is supposedly a task master type. He runs a tight ship, and discipline will be front and center. He has a history of wearing out his welcome and losing his club house in tough times. In Anaheim, his players signed a petition to have him removed as manager. Call me a pessimist, but I have never seen a Mets manager who has not had to navigate stormy waters, which is why I'm really nervous about Collins. That all being said, I did mention this makes me optimistic. Basically, the fact that Alderson passed over a safe and obvious choice in Melvin, makes me think he knows something that I don't know about Collins. I have already given Alderson credit for being intelligent, and I have made a vow to myself to give him the benefit of the doubt for a year or two while I learn what he is all about. Hopefully, hiring Collins is part of a greater plan to restore the Mets' dignity. A plan which we can not yet understand the scope of, but will begin to unfold itself (quickly I hope) going forward. The other questions is, why are they only giving Collins a two year contract? That does not seem like a very rousing commitment to make to a new manager. Are they just giving him a trial run? Do they plan to use him while they rebuild, then put someone else in place when they feel the team is ready to win? How did his closeness to Sandy Koufax, who is beloved by the Wilpons, affect his getting the job? I really have no clue what to read into this. The question will definitely be asked tomorrow, and it will be fascinating to hear what both Alderson and Collins have to say. Clear your schedules tomorrow Mets fans. Tune into these press conferences. We are going to have plenty to learn, which will leave us with plenty to discuss.

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