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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My whole evaluation of Terry Collins

Today the Mets announced their 20th Manager in Mets History, Terry Collins. If nobody don't know...

I watched the press conference late and my first reaction to Terry Collins was very surprising. The very short press conference gave me a impression that the Mets hired the right guy.

I wanted Backman like everyone else, but I quote The Rolling Stones, "You can't always get what you want."

I have been bashing Terry Collins way before watching and getting a feel about the person and now I have a different opinion of the man.

I get a sense that he is a intelligent, passionate baseball man that's very full of energy. Lets hope that his players can convey the energy part on the field.

Sandy Alderson reasons for hire were that he did fit the requirements of the Mets brass. Alderson stated that he had intensity, major league experience, and player development skills (able to teach) with the exceptional education of the Mets minor leagues (a big asset). Which would give Sandy a hand up on decision making along the way.

Wally Backman did not have one of those, major league experience.

I think it can be a decent partnership for the New York Mets between Alderson and Collins. Collins made a reference to the Mets minor league system and said the Mets system was better than what people have written and known. Collins hinted that he knew a couple of players that could be on the Major League roster soon or at least get a shot (can you say diamond in the rough?). As a Mets Fan , it's refreshing to hear how our minor leagues can help out our Major League club, not just the free agent market. I am sure that Terry

will probably have a lot of dialog with Alderson over the next couple of weeks to decide which players on the farm have value to them now (Trade Value) or the future.

Terry Collins has seen some international talent as well from his days managing in Japan and China. Alderson when hired said he wanted to look outside the MLB free agent market and expand into international waters. Maybe Terry can have a influence on how they approach these players or even where to look for them.

On the major league level, Collins has worked with many of the current Mets and shares comfortable bonds with some of them. He talked about working with David Wright and even Carlos Beltran in a rehab facility. I  sense that some of the players the Mets have on the current roster will respond to Collins, because most of them have respect for the man. Collins was quoted as saying, "they just want to win.".

It will be months before the Mets hit spring training in St Lucie. But at least they have a manger who brings the knowledge of the game with his forty years experience. Knows the Mets farm system and knows most his players from past experiences on the field with them. Now he has to jell all that together and build us a winner..

With Sandy's help of course....   Let's go Mets!

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