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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mets are playing it safe by NOT selecting Backman

According to John Harper of NY Daily News, Collins, Melvin and Hurdle are leading contenders because they are considered a "safe" choice due to their previous big-league managerial experience.

"He's not completely out of it," one source said. "But something would have to change in the way the Mets are thinking."

As for Backman, he came away from his interview with Alderson under the impression that he definitely would get a second interview in Orlando at the GM meetings next week. That now seems unclear.

A Mets' source reiterated Friday that "no matter what you've heard," nothing has been determined yet regarding second-round interviews.

The Mets claim that the decision not to bring back Wally for a second look is because he does not fit the description of what they are looking for. They want MLB experience and apparently have three guys in Hurdle, Melvin, and Collins that fit that bill.  The Mets claim that none of the decisions were made because of  Backman's  problems in the past.

One former teammate said, "That sounds like a cop-out" , "Wally has been managing in the minors forever, in every possible situation, and he's had success almost everywhere he's been."

"I hope these guys at least take the time to get to know Wally, because I really believe he's a born manager. If they don't hire him, I hope it's not because they don't have the (guts) to pick the best guy."

Now that Sandy Alderson has DePodesta and JP Ricciardi  in the front office. The two former GM's apparently have a lot to say in the selection of the next manager. DePodesta's favorite is Terry Collins, who he grew fond with in the Dodgers organization, which can only hurt Backman's chances.

"If  (Backman) gets another interview," said one source, "he's going to have win those other guys (DePodesta/Ricciardi) over at least as much as Alderson, and maybe more. As a group they see him as a risk because he hasn't managed in the big leagues."

Clint Hurdle is the first from outside the organization to be considered seriously. According to sources, the former Rockies' manager, who was a minor league manager in the Mets' system from 1988 through 1993, impressed Alderson and Co. during his interview on Wednesday.

Like I said before, I would not mind Clint Hurdle because I think he can have a instant impact on the Mets hitters.  Backman of course would of been my second choice because of his development skills.

Here is my question to all Mets Fans:

How many games did Davey Johnson manage in the majors before managing the Mets?

None,  He was hired from the AAA minor league level.

It figures the greatest manager in Mets History came from the farm team and not out of the MLB Rollerdex.

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