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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Do the math, it's time for Beltran to get traded

In the the wake of the free agency starting today, Mets fans know that the purse strings will not be open so widely as in other years. The Mets will have nearly $120 million committed in payroll next season.

Sandy Alderson must make decisions on how to restructure this franchise and payroll. He has to fill the need for a second basemen, right fielder (if Beltran stays), starting pitcher(s) (with Johan surgery), and relievers since guys like Takahashi will not be back..

He has Carlos Beltran under contract for this year before he becomes a free agent next season. The Mets can either keep the oft-injured center fielder who will be making $19 + million this season or try to trade him and his salary elsewhere.

The Good:

Carlos Beltran is one of the best center fielder in the game today when healthy (I said when healthy). The Mets have a outfielder named Angel Pagan who looks like he can play everyday. Pagan is a different kind of player then Beltran because he does not hit for much power, which the Mets need. The Mets can let Beltran play for a contract ( even if it's not with them) and let him prove he is worthy. If you are not a regular follower of baseball, most players who are in their walk year have big years (for contracts). But again it's up to Team Sandy to evaluate that and make sure he can stay on the field.

Beltran's 2010 Season Stats

Pagan's 2010 Season Stats

The Bad:

Was it just me or did the Mets fall apart when Carlos Beltran came back last season?

Beltran visits Mets before return to lineup
Evidence: The Mets were 26-38 with Beltran's presence in the lineup.

It seemed to me the team's moral changed and so did their play. The Mets did not seem to be in tune with Carlos in the lineup. Beltran did get hot at the end of the season but it was a little too late. He was also sidelined with tendinitis in his knee at the end of the season and had to be shut down.

Maybe the Mets were better off not rushing him back to the field. I know it's easy to say from a fan perspective, but from a ownership perspective it is hard to let a guy sit who is making big bucks.   

In Conclusion:

On Nov 3rd  at the opening of a baseball academy,   Carlos Beltran told Fernando Ribas Reyes of El Nuevo Dia that the Mets have invited the center fielder to meet with new GM Sandy Alderson.

Beltran was non-committal about his approach, saying, "It doesn't matter what I think. The organization is going to do what they think is best for them. The way I can control it is to have a good year. If I do, I know there will be teams interested in me. For my part, I'd like to play in New York a few years more."

This sounds like a guy that does not care about the organization or what Sandy has to say.

I sought of get the idea that the Team Alderson  plans are to eliminate salary and chop out any players that do not want to be apart of  it under the new regime.

The same can stand true for players such as Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez, and Frankie Rodriguez, all of whom have had some negative impact on the team's performance last year and years past.

If you take all those contracts together of the mentioned above, it's roughly $50 Million. I am sure the Mets can find something to do with those funds to make this franchise a winning one.

The hard part is to find a trade partners to take on such salaries, but I am sure Alderson will get creative if he 
has to.

Rumors have it that the Mets might have trading partners with the Red Sox for Matsuzaka, but the Red Sox have stated they have no interest in Beltran.

Should be a interesting off season....

Let's Go Mets

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