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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Davey Johnson: Collins is best fit for Mets

In the NY Post,  Mets Hall of Fame Manager  Davey Johnson thinks that Terry Collins should be the front-runner based on his knowledge with the whole organization. He also thinks that Wally Backman would have to be fourth on the list because his lack of experience.  He even had something to say about Bobby Valentine.

"If I was the GM, I would want somebody that best knew the whole system," Johnson said. "I'm sure Sandy agrees with this: People who know where talent is on the minor league level and how long it's going to take to get to the major leagues and how it will affect the major league roster, those are very important people. I would think [Collins] would be the frontrunner."

Johnson says the Mets probably have to rebuild from within, and that makes Collins an asset. Johnson

compared it to his own ascension to Mets manager in 1984, after spending three seasons managing within the organization, at Double-A and Triple-A.

"When I first got there my first conversation with [GM] Frank Cashen was, 'I've got three or four guys on the minor league level that I would like in the majors.' " Johnson said. "We talked about that. 'I'll go with your guys on the major league level, but if they are not cutting it, I want to be able to dump those guys and bring up guys from the minor leagues.' Whoever [Alderson] has that relationship with is very tantamount."

Johnson on Wally Backman:
"Backman is probably fourth on Alderson's list, based on lack of major league managerial or coaching experience."

Johnson had something to say about Bobby Valentine:

"Bobby is very high profile and I think Sandy is probably looking for somebody with a lower profile,"

Johnson final quote on Alderson:
"It all boils down to who Alderson trusts the most," Johnson said. "When [Alderson] thinks he's going to be able to win and who is going to be the guy that helps put that schedule into place.

"Of that group, you probably say the fieriest guy is Wally, and everybody else is kind of mellower. But I respect Sandy Alderson a lot. He's an outstanding GM and it's really going to boil down to who he's more comfortable with."

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