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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you a Mets Fan? Do You Like to Write? - Come join Mets Chronicle....

Mets Chronicle is currently looking for Mets Fans to be contributor(s)/writer(s) for the blog.

Do you like to write ?

We are currently looking for people who can write proper grammatical sentences for one.  Being a Mets Fan is priority one.

If you are familiar with blogger, this is the blogging system we use - that will be a big plus!

Some Objectives would be:

Can you be opinionated about the upcoming team?

Do you like finding Mets rumors, stories or crazy stats?

Do you listen to WFAN or any other media outlet for info on the Mets on a regular basis?

You Must be a Mets Junkie like me...

I only ask , you must be able to be in contact by at least email or cell. You need a email address for the system to recognize you...

If you are a inspiring writer or journalist,  this is your chance make your name stand out.

Since Oct 2010 ,  We have reached over 120,000 people...

If you have any material that was written by you (like on Bleacher report or another blog) attach it. Like I said, if you blogged before, it will be easy for you!

Please include the following in the email:

How long are you a Mets Fan?
What was your fondest memory as a Mets Fan?
Who is your Favorite Met and Why?
What would you like to cover on the blog (News, Rumors, Stats,  ETC.) ?
What's your availability?  Mon-Sun   How many days?

This is only a volunteer position (Sorry), No Monetary Compensation!

Join the Team!

Email -  Dominick DiFucci @ MetsChronicle@gmail.com
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