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Monday, October 25, 2010

MLB takes swing at injuries

MLB looking into ways to solve the problem of concussions.
David Wright getting plunked Aug 15, 2009.
The Mets have been at the forefront of the recent attention to head injuries, with Ryan Church, David Wright and Jason Bay all missing significant time with concussions during the past three years.

Now Major League Baseball is stepping up its efforts to further protect the players and has set up a committee to re-examine the sport's protocols, which could include a seven-day disabled list for concussions next season, a person familiar with the situation confirmed on Thursday.


David Wright getting examined for concussion.
Under the proposal, the addition of a seven-day DL would allow teams to replace the injured player while they recover, and hopefully eliminate the incentive to rush that player back, which can lead to lingering post-concussion syndrome. On average, according to MLB's research, concussions can be resolved within four to six days. Currently, MLB's shortest disabled list is 15 days, which often makes teams reluctant to sideline a player for more than two weeks, as has been the case with the Mets all too frequently.

Dealing with concussions is not new for baseball, but it attracted more attention this season with Bay and the Twins' Justin Morneau missing much more time than originally was expected.

Source:GoErie.com : Health

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