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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mets Rumors: Mets Need To Complete The Offense

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Harrison Top Option?

Mets Rumors: Mets Need To Complete The Offense

The New York Mets need to complete the off-season and fill their last offensive spot on the roster. The Mets, after completing the deal that brought back Jay Bruce, now need an infielder that can play either 3B or 2B.

The chase of this infielder has many of options, but the Mets need an infielder that can impact the lineup at the top with some speed. Only some players fit this mold that is left on the free agent board. Eduardo Nunez and Jose Reyes fit this mold, both can play various positions with Nunez probably demanding more.

On the trade market, it has the Pirates Josh Harrison, who will be available because of the latest trades of Gerrit Cole and now Andrew McCutchen and the Pirates have signaled a rebuilding mode. The latest rumors have Harrison upset of this and will eventually (if not already) demand a trade. The Mets rebuffed at trading Brandon Nimmo for McCutchen because the Pirates were not taking any portion of his salary and the Mets feel Nimmo has some value to them with Michael Conforto not available until reported May 1st. But now the Pirates might dangle Harrison and the Mets can't afford to make the same mistake twice. The Mets have to make this deal. The Mets have reported that they might not have to give up Nimmo, but other prospects to get a deal done.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mets News: A-Gon Is A Met!

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Mets News: A-Gon Is A Met!

The New York Mets have come to terms on a one-year deal with five-time All-Star first basemen Adrian Gonzalez. Terms have not been disclosed, but I believe he will get the league minimum at $575,000. The Braves will be on the hook for $4.5 Million. He is 35 years old going into his 15th season. He will provide veteran leadership for the younger players like prospect Dominic Smith, who he will be mentoring and teaching.  Gonzalez, who is a career .288 hitter with 311 HRs, if the Mets can get anything out of him it is a win, win.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Mets Rumors: Nunez, Duda

Mets Rumors: Nunez, Duda

According to John Harper of the Daily News, it's not out of the realm of possibility for the Mets to land ex-Yankees infielder and recent former Red Sox Eduardo Nunez on a two-year deal to spark the offense.

His OPS for the season was .801, and Nunez thrived in the pennant-race pressure with the Red Sox, hitting .321 with a difference-making .892 OPS during his two months in Boston while playing second base at times, third at others.

"He sparked them, no doubt," says an AL scout for one of the other playoff teams who was assigned to the Red Sox down the stretch. "He got some big hits and he just seemed to energize that offense when they needed it.

Image result for duda mets"To be honest, I'm not sure they would have held off the Yankees without him."

The question, of course, is how much it would cost, and the way this market is developing, it's possible the Mets could get him on a two-year deal for, say, $20-$24 million.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mets Rumors: Money Over Kipnis And Others

Image result for jason kipnisMets Rumors: Money Over Kipnis And Others

Multiple sources say the Mets had a deal in place to trade for Cleveland second basemen Jason Kipnis at the gm winter meetings. Talks broke down after the Mets didn't value the Kipnis' contract at $30.5 million dollars owed after 2 seasons.

Many have speculated that the Mets had offered closer AJ Ramos as the main piece, but again the Mets thought Ramos was more valuable than Kipnis.

The Mets continue the search for an infielder either at 2B or 3B. Pirates Josh Harrison ($10M) has more value than Kipnis because not only can he steal a base, but he can play multiple positions (2B, 3B, OF) that gives the Mets flexibility for first manager Mickey Callaway. His price tag also fits the Mets mantra.

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